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GreenGT is a pioneer in the research and development of high-power electric-hydrogen propulsion solutions for mobility.

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LARAG is involved in projects for the use of vehicles with alternative propulsion systems to contribute to the development of sustainable mobility. As part of the GoH! Project, LARAG modifies the chassis of the original truck to incorporate hydrogen propulsion.

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By transporting its goods with the GoH! truck, which only releases water, Migros is fulfilling its promise to reduce its carbon footprint and consolidating its progress towards sustainable logistics. A cooperative company, Migros thus enables its members, employees and customers to progress together in an agile and innovative environment for a better future.

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To contribute to the development of sustainable mobility, SIG studies the production of green hydrogen by water electrolysis to supply the truck with energy. SIG provides the environmentally friendly fuel for the future truck, produced locally.

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Nomads Foundation

To make the transition to sustainable mobility a reality, the Nomads foundation leads and coordinates the consortium of GoH! partners to ensure the success of the project. Its actions range from project coordination and communication to analyzing the impact on the development of the professions and training of tomorrow.

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With the support of Myclimate, which, in close collaboration with Migros, develops climate protection projects under the my-M-Climate Fund, which are then implemented in the supply chain.


Visual communication students at HEAD - Geneva (University of Art and Design) had the opportunity to work on the visual identity of the GoH! Project as part of a graphic design course, taught by Alban Thomas in spring 2019.

A2P agency et Idéative

For the creation, development and writing of the content of this website.


The Swiss Federal University for Vocational Education and Training (SFUVET) is the Swiss expert organization for vocational training. It supports us in the identification and assessment of skills for the hydrogen sector.