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One of the challenges for vocational training is to quickly embrace innovations to identify their impact on knowledge transfer. In order for the workforce to remain skilled and efficient, the link between theory and practice must be nimble, flexible and rapid.

In partnership with the IFFP and vocational schools, the Future Jobs Hub of the Nomads Foundation coordinates the “Professional skills” pilot project, the objective of which is to analyze the skills needs to be developed in the professions impacted by the emergence of the hydrogen sector of the GoH! project. In doing so, we are proposing a method to anticipate new skills in the “Green Jobs” sectors. The involvement of companies, OrTra, vocational schools and politicians is the guarantee of the relevance of the proposed adaptations.



Skills mapping

Using data collected in the field by the IFFP, GOH! serves as a pilot project to determine the impact of this new technology on existing skills along the chain (assembly, delivery, hydrogen production and truck maintenance). This is in order to offer “tailor-made” reskilling and upskilling training according to the needs of the employees.



A prospective skills management methodology

The clarification of the perimeters of the existing training courses and the continuous changes to be made will bring trades which until then far apart to work together to develop hydrogen (production, delivery) and ensure the maintenance of future hydrogen vehicles (electricians, bodybuilders, mechatronics engineers). , mechanics, etc.). This process will be analyzed and will provide all “Green Jobs” players with a turnkey approach to adapt training courses in a proactive manner.

The actors of training

The Swiss Federal University for Vocational Education and Training (SFUVET)

The Swiss Automobile Association (UPSA)

The Swiss Road Transport Association (ASTAG)

The Swiss Association for Vocational Training in Logistics (ASFL SVBL)

Future Outlook

Thanks to the GOH! project, which serves as a laboratory, the Nomads Foundation guides the process and supports various players in continuous and professional education spheres to reflect upon the adaptation and developments needed for the future hydrogen sector's training programs.

The Nomads Foundation brings together and encourages partners to create new, adequate and tailor-made training courses. These thoughts and brainstorm thus directly feed the discussions on Green Jobs.