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« Today we provide 100% renewable and local electricity to all Geneva inhabitants. It will be the same with hydrogen tomorrow: 100% local, 100% renewable. »

Christian Brunier, Directeur général SIG

About SIG

Every day, SIG provides essential services to the Genevans. It provides water, gas, electricity, thermal energy and supports the development of smart districts for Geneva. It treats wastewater, recovers waste and implements energy and environmental efficiency programs. Its activities aim to promote less and better consumption in order to take concrete action in favor of sustainable development

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SIG's participation in the GoH! project! began with a presentation by Migros Geneva of its hydrogen truck project, with a view to reducing its carbon footprint for the transport of goods. Migros Geneva was looking for an energy partner to ensure the production of renewable, sustainable, and local hydrogen.


Role of SIG in the Project

To contribute to the development of sustainable mobility, SIG develops a project of green hydrogen production used to power the truck with sustainable and local electricity. SIG will provide the environmentally friendly fuel for the truck, produced in Geneva. 

SIG is the main player in H2 supply.

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